Askedoria is the great northern continent, a land of black-topped mountains, copper-coloured wheat fields and bone-white rocks. The poets sing that the land rose from the waves of the Ophiotaurus Ocean after the great hunt for Askos, the Boar-Bearer-of-Earthquakes.

It is said that the Two Moons, the Green Faced Goddesses, pierced the boar with a divine spear; and where the body of the beast sank, the region that now brings its name, emerged.

The immense Askedoria has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years. Many civilisations have arisen and disappeared, while their traditions have been transformed by the societies that took their place.

The most numerous and powerful peoples who still inhabit the continent, its islands and surrounding lands are six: the proud Iskuzai, worshippers of the panthers, the elegant Etoi, refined poets from the Southern Seas, the ancient Agrauran, builders of underground necropoles, the knowledgeable Molubdenoi, wise merchant princes, the daring Hattusas, riders of the most insidious waves and the Kokhlidoi, embalmers and worshipers of the stars.


Civilizations of Askedoria









Fragments of Knowledge

The Tetrad

After the Iskuzai invasion, the hybridisation of cultures became so pronounced that the myths, dialects and beliefs of different peoples were integrated into a common background. Among those vast religious traditions, the Iskuzai favoured those deities who were closest to their values or those most involved with their destiny. For this reason, their dominance in the continental Askedoria strengthened the faith in four of the Twelve Immortals, a group that took the name of Tetrad of Askedoria. With that being said, the other Gods do not lack celebrations, shrines, honours and sacrifices. However, the Iskuzai and the peoples most influenced by them have a particular devotion to the Tetrad and implore its help with a fiery passion.




The Green Faced Goddesses

Although the Lunar Goddesses, Stabia and Markunda, are not traditionally included in the Tetrad, their cult is the oldest on the continent. The Iloboi and other native peoples celebrate the Moons by calling them the “Mothers of the Immortals”. In fact, in some ancient verses, it is remembered that “From the Twin Moons arose the lineage of Those-who-live-easily”.


Myths of Askedoria

The myth of Cirta

the revenge of the moons

1st Fable of Autonoe

the lotus-women myth

Death of Orgomenio


Stories of Ephrizo