The core manual

The core manual – collector’s edition

The roleplaying game

Fragments of the Past is a rules-light roleplaying game set in a Bronze-Age world evoking the atmosphere of ancient tales and poems of the archaic Mediterranean, where conflicts are resolved on a roll of a d10 or a d100.

Experience the great tragedies, deeds, and ambitions of larger-than-life characters, dwelling in a world of sacred places and untamed wilderness. Pray and live according to the ancient customs of long-forgotten civilizations, if you dare.

Epithets, Passions, and Gifts define characters: they describe past experiences, and torments, inspiring narrative plots and interacting directly with the rules.

You can be a “Lotophagus“, a “Fallen Prince of a distant Thalassocracy“, an “Heir of an Ancient Warrior Tradition“, or “Possessed by Madness”.

Fortuna points and Hybris points describe your relationship with the Immortal Gods and the extent of transgressions that you will inevitably commit during your life.

The setting is inspired by a sense of wonder and nostalgia for the fierce beauty of the archaic past: think Homer meets Tolkien.
The manual is enhanced with a rich collection of story prompts to inspire and aid improvisation, like Talismans, sacred processions, ritual duels, shipwrecks, and joyous banquets.


Player count: 1-5 [+ the Storyteller]
Age Range: 16+

187 Pages filled with artworks to nurture your imagination and worldbuilding

120 Epithets, Gifts and Passions

A one-shot adventure with 4 pre-generated characters, “The Destiny of the City of Moray Eels“, to begin your story in the continent of Askedoria


A two-page cheat sheet with all the rules

Many in-game examples of the mechanics, character creation, and guidelines to support Storytellers and Players in running the game

New Fragments that continue the collection of the Narrative Artbook (XLIV – L)

The Digital edition comes with bookmarked PDFs for easy reference

Collector’s edition exclusives

A detailed account of the Zeugridas and Nautakoi civilizations
[+10 pages]

Two additional Fragments (LI – LII), two additional Epithets

A dust jacket with an alternative cover

A blue linen cloth impressed with golden letters

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Fragments of Knowledge

Inscrutable Gods

Any action in Fragments of the Past might be full of consequences: toasting to the Gods, triumphing in a sacred competition or even watching a holy thiasus of girls bathing in the waters of a cave. The world is crossed by divine powers that manifest themselves in the natural order. Thus, Phoeraia’s wrath could be encountered in a pack of hungry wolves, while Cirta’s favour in the spontaneous healing of a painful wound.





A sword wielded by a father to kill his son and a cup that collected the drops of blood of a sacred deer are not ordinary objects: they are the protagonists of a story. These items become talismans and are believed to have a life of their own as their existence is intertwined with the legends, exploits and crimes of matriarchs, tyrants, witches, pirates and heroines. They are handed down from generation to generation, plundered and transported across the immense ocean as trophies, capable of starting wars among the peoples who crave their possession.