The Iskuzai are superstitious, warlike poetry-lovers people who worship a mighty Cosmic Beast called the Double-Crested Panther.

They were once a nomadic horde that raged in the steppes beyond the Acmonides mountain range.

The poems recite that they descended and settled into Askedoria under King Auleo, the Cartographer, to fight and conquer the Etoi Kingdoms.

The poems celebrate the conflict exalting the martial triumph while mourning the memory of the many warriors. Although victorious, the Iskuzai were transformed by the vanquished. They learned the Etoi alphabet, absorbed their science and religion, and finally abandoned the nomadic life and founded Twelve City-States: four for each of the three tribes in which they were divided.

Thus was born the alliance that binds the Iskuzai in a perpetual truce: the Amphictyony of Aulea, so-called from the name of the sacred island in which it was sanctioned.

Fragments of Knowledge

Ancient Lineages

Among the Iskuzai and most of the peoples in Askedoria, the primary form of social aggregation is the Lineage, also called Phratry. A Lineage is more than a family: it represents a big group of individuals united by common interests, adoptions and mythical origins, reinforced by blood ties or oaths.




Tessera Hospitalis

The Tessera Hospitalis is an effigy, no larger than a medallion, bearing the coat of arms of a Lineage. The Iskuzai call it Philettron and give it to illustrious guests and trusted companions as a symbol of enduring friendship. Foreigners bearing a Philettron can enjoy the hospitality and protection of other Lineage members wherever they go.


Civilizations of Askedoria