Fragments of the Past is a vast setting in which a series of illustrated books and a tabletop role-playing game take place.

It is a Bronze-Age world inspired by the fierce myths and history of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations.

You will live prodigious adventures as one of the characters celebrated in the ancient myths.




“Amazing art, an amazing narrative, and interesting characters. Overall a great buy and a project you MUST follow if you’re interested in TTRPGs!”

Lenny – ArtStation

“Fragments of the Past has to be one of the best pieces of historical fantasy worldbuilding I have ever come across. The complex but mysterious art and accompanying text fragments not only give you the feeling that you are discovering a civilisation sadly lost forever, but at the same time gives you the feeling that you are walking around in now long ruined cityscapes and other manmade marvels. Truly an awe-inspiring feat!”

Attire through the Ages – ArtStation

“Incredible art and even greater world-building, felt a level of immersion and depth in this world’s history that I could only compare to old history books. Can’t wait to see more of this world!”

Joshua Tannous – ArtStation

“An absolutely fantastic read for anyone who appreciates the classics, and has an interest in speculative fiction or history. The detail and quality of the writing are phenomenal. You truly feel as though you are reading an undiscovered Homeric epic. The artwork is fantastic and feels like it could be depicting a yet undiscovered bronze age civilisation. I 100% recommend downloading the tabletop RPG guide as well.”

Aaron Rolfe – ArtStation

“It’s always fantastic to come across someone who is building a world with great passion and love. It’s also refreshing to see a unique setting, which is in and of itself a vital and living character. The land sets the tone for everything else, being the wellspring from which all else flows, rather than a cardboard set piece to add flavor. The illustrations are evocative of a world well lived in, baked by a relentless sun, salt rime crusted from a relentless sea. Everything feels ancient, like it comes from some recently discovered clay tablets or papyri, the world feels authentic. Honestly, I look forward to more to come.”

Fenris927 – ArtStation

“Worldbuilding at its best”

Joshua Barkes – ArtStation

“A pleasant, detailed, and fascinating read. The “Fragments” are written in a way that brought me back to when I translated classical authors in high school: the way they are written faithfully resembles the way historians wrote and the myths were written in ancient Greece. I really felt immersed in this archaic world. The careful world-building and the attention to detail prove that the author clearly loves his creation. The setting it’s really what made me purchase this work: this “alter-Mediterranean” fascinated me and the Minoan-inspired illustrations that I’ve seen on other sites captured my attention. Ottimo lavoro”

Vittorio – ArtStation

“The Fragments of the Past est une œuvre exceptionnelle. Elle nous amène à la découverte littéraire et iconographique d’un passé si réel qu’on se prend à imaginer qu’il a réellement existé. C’est que l’auteur utilise tous les codes des “beaux livres”, et use d’une finesse, d’une intelligence, d’une précision et d’une beauté qui nous renvoient à nos propres références littéraires et iconographiques sur la Grèce antique, l’Égypte antique, et mille autres civilisations encore. Ce voyage en Askedonia est troublant, merveilleux, et à la fin le doute s’installe : comment peut-on imaginer qu’Askedonia n’ait pas réellement existé ? De tout cœur, merci pour ce voyage enchanteur, Maestro.”

Jean-Philippe Mouton-Mazerand – ArtStation

“Finally someone who TRULY UNDERSTANDS the spirit and flavour of classical Mediterranean mythology. Recommended to all fans of the genre and mandatory for all those who do not yet know it. Rating: 10/5”

Riccardo Biavati – ArtStation

“A beautiful book full of inspiring images – perfect for Game Masters, RPG players, artists and anyone who wants to delve into an imaginary world that may have been real in another time, another place.”

Jeremy Blum – ArtStation

“The problem with the Mediterranean world is that it is often visually associated with classicism. And classicism hardly welcomes the mysteries, the fantasies and the magic of our dreams. Except, except… when we look further, and delve into the ancient Minoan, Carthaginian, Etruscan civilizations. When you think about it, there are so much inspirations! So, someone just had to think about it? No. What you also need is a talent to tell visual stories. Now here is how Fortune Smiled to all of us. Massimiliano has the talent of a demiurge. And this book… This book is alive.”

Émile Beguin – ArtStation

“Stunning artwork and story fragments immerse you into this incredible and detailed world, leaving you wondering all the possibilities of the things left untold. It’s truly a great piece and I can’t wait for it to be expanded upon. In the meantime, I’ll let my imagination wild, sifting through the drawings and poems. Highly recommended to anyone that likes both fantasy and mythological settings!”

Andrea – ArtStation

Civilizations of Askedoria