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Music, bards, wine, and comfortable cushions: take part in this joyful banquet, listening to the fables and tales of lost civilizations in a world of bronze and blazing sun.

What is Fragments of the Past?

Fragments of the Past is a PDF narrative artbook with a collection of Homeric-like tales, myths and legends.

The project was born from a decade long Roleplaying game chronicle. A series of other books set in the same world is already under development: the next one will feature more lore and myths + a sourcebook to create your own adventures in the world of Askedoria.

Take a Look Inside

What to Expect

73 pages of myths, fables, geographical and cultural information inspired by the style of ancient bards, historians, and Mediterranean folklore.

The tragic tale of the oracle Tumsilt and the Mercenary Prince Diosconis.

32 artworks of environments, characters, props, and maps.

Short novels that can be enjoyed both as fiction and as an inspiration to set your RPG adventures in the vast Ophiotaurus Ocean.

Who is the Reader of Fragments of the Past?

A history, archaeology, mythology and fantasy enthusiast.
A person who likes to explore, travel.
Somebody who plays roleplay games from Zelda to Baldur’s Gate.


I am Massimiliano Nigro, a Worldbuilder. Concept-art, illustration and writing are my favourite tools to create coherent worlds and cultures. I work mainly for the videogame, illustration and movie industry.

For any business inquiry, if you want to follow my mentorship program or if you have something to say or ask, you can write me an email at, or reach out on social media.