The Etoi are sea people who arrived in Askedoria after a century-long journey through the insidious waves of the Ophiotaurus Ocean.

They refer to this exodus as the Antelope Migration and claim they didn’t have contact with their mysterious and remote homeland since abandoning it.

The Etoi brought the faith in the Twelve Gods, the art of navigation, beekeeping, music and shipbuilding to Askedoria.

The kingdoms they built were called the Coastal Eparchies. Each of them was governed by an alliance between many Thiasi, political-religious communities led by one or more Matriarchs gathered in council.

In Thiasi, offspring and lovers were shared by women. There was no notion of ownership: the Matriarchs distributed everything according to their judgment.

However, these ancient queens had to swear allegiance to the Sphinx. She was a divine creature that the Etoi believed had emerged from the waves to guide them to conquer the continent.

Fragments of Knowledge

The Zeugridas

The Iskuzai of the East, the most influenced by the Etoi customs, are called Zeugridas, and matriarchal traditions usually guide their cities. All the Zeugridas boast of being descendants of Zeugro, the Hermaphrodite, the first fruit born from the union of an Iskuzai King and an Etoi Matriarch: Auleo the Cartographer and the fair-cheeked Autonoe.





Although there are some similarities, the Matriarchs of the Zeugridas are very different from the Matriarchs of the Thiasi. The former derive their authority from the Lineage and bonds of blood. Instead, when an Etoi Matriarch dies, the council of the remaining ones elects the successor subjecting many candidates to dangerous ordeals. So, their power is based on divine knowledge more than on martial prowess or political skills.


Civilizations of Askedoria